Wednesday, 21st November 2018

Important update regarding

We have just finished the preparation of our list containing the details of all the accounts having a negative balance (where the total amount of deposits is higher than the total amount of withdrawals). We have also bought almost all Bitcoins we need to process payments for the members of our program. We are still missing a small number of coins. They'll be purchased within a week or two. As you surely know the price of BTC has dropped big time so now we have to cover over 95% of the price difference from our own pocket. We really hope that the price of Bitcoin won't go down any further because this difference would increase as well which could cause additional problems. The entire process was a bit longer than expected but now we are almost ready to start physically processing payments for all the accounts having a negative balance. We'll start doing it a.s.a.p. because we want to finally close this chapter and move on to our new programs which in our opinion you are going to love. We'll post another update here once all the payments are processed and all our programs ready to go live. You'll also receive an email with the personal invitation to join our new projects. We'll make sure that you'll make BIG MONEY with us and every single person will be satisfied.


Yours sincerely,

Andrew Barnes and the Team @