We Are Now 100% Ready For The Re-Launch Of Our Program.
The Exact Re-Launch Date Depends On Just One Factor. So What Is It?

Well, as you probably know the current price of Bitcoin is extremely low. We simply can't re-launch our Project with the BTC price being lower by about 50% when compared to the day when our Program went offline. If we would go live right now the price of BTC could affect our cash flow and we simply can't let that happen. We have prepared this new version of for a long time and we really want it to be a huge success for everybody. We are aware the you are waiting for the re-launch and would like to see our Program in action a.s.a.p. therefore we have decided to do the following:

We are going to wait until the price of Bitcoin reaches $9000/BTC. According to many analysts it should happen very soon. If for any reason whatsoever the price of BTC won't reach that level until Sunday, the 30th September 2018, we'll launch our Program on this day anyway. In other words we'll go live either when the price of BTC reaches $9000/BTC or on Sunday, 30th September (whichever comes first).

It's really worth to wait for our re-launch because we have prepared some unique goodies for you as a reward for patience and understanding. Stay tuned for the next update coming soon!